Derek’s Crumbling World

Title: Derek’s Crumbling World

Characters: mentions of everyone, but mainly Derek Seigerson, Logan Wright, Julian Larson, and Sonic


Summery: After the tragidies of Hell Night, Derek tries to take stock of his life.

AN: So during that week long period between 27.2 and 27.3, I got kinda sad… And sad feels turned into 3 Sonic related fics… And while I knew this wasnt what was going to appen, and we all know now it isnt what happened, this is what my brain was doing to me.


Derek tried rolling another grape at Sonic, but again, it was ignored. He sighed, and put it right under his nose. Sonic just sniffed at it a moment, before continuing to wander over Julian’s bed. “I know you’re confused buddy, but you have to eat.” Derek informed his friend’s little hedgehog, tears starting to well in his eyes. Sonic ignored him, and just made those tiny sounds that sounded almost like a high pitched little bark, as sad and pitiful as the first night.

Trying not to squish the hedgehog, Derek lay out on Julian’s bed and curled around a pillow, carefully inhaling the lingering scent. A dry sob racked Derek’s chest as he realized Julian’s smell was fading. Then he realized one that was replacing it wasn’t his, but Logan’s. Tears finally broke through the dam he had built behind his eyes after that first day.

From what he had gathered from the incoherent and hysterical Logan, and a few of the confused survivors wasn’t concrete, but Kurt had apparently known previously, and had told Derek what had happened before he went home for his recovery. His friends had come so close, because Julian had told Logan how he felt. Even though it was a horrible situation, Jules had told him. And Logan had woken up and realized what Derek had known, that he did love Julian back, in that way. But then the idiot shoved Kurt to safety and sacrificed himself. But then he somehow managed to get to the third floor, and jumped with Adam. Derek felt himself bristle and felt as spiky as Sonic as he thought of him.

Adam. Not only was it that bastards fault that any of them were there in the first place, but the doctors said that if Julian hadn’t saved him, if Adam hadn’t landed on Julian, his injuries would have been less intense. Jules would have survived. Now one of his best friends was dead, his other was dying of a broken heart, so many others were injured. Derek thought of the bump and scar that still graced the back of his head two weeks after his own encounter with the creep. And even those who weren’t part of the injured were mentally hurt.

Danny and Dwight are both still in the hospital, Danny getting blood transfusions, and Dwight finally woke up, and is in the middle of multiple skin graft surgeries.

The twins are quiet, supposedly just sitting in their room all day, and never breaking contact with the other.  Reeds curls are gone, and so is his spirit. Shane had turned into a clingy 5 year old, always attached to either Blaine or Reed. That friend of the Anderson’s, Derek thought he heard him called Michael, had discharged himself from the hospital and disappeared.

Kurt had gone home; the day Reed was released from the hospital. He wouldn’t talk to anyone, and wouldn’t let anyone see him, his giant of a brother and his father making sure no one got in. Derek also knew from their brief conversation, that Kurt blamed himself, thinking that if it weren’t for him, Jules would have gone out the second floor with the others.

Apparently after the first few days, Blaine hadn’t really been talking. He had only a few times, and that was when he was trying to get Kurt to stay, and when he tried to reach him after Kurt was home. After that, he went mute.

Charlie jumped at every sound, and he and Justin grew more protective of their houses, but more indecisive. All the Hanovers blamed themselves for not being able to see who Adam really was.

Bailey wasn’t playing his music. Whenever he did, it was decidedly happy, like he was again trying to fix a mess that wasn’t his fault. David was a mess, and never left Wes’s side. The tech-y Windsor was unplugged, and would sit outside; staring at the charred pile of ash that formerly had been the art hall, till the young blond and the small Asian Windsors pulled him away.

Logan would never be the same. Derek just knew from the haunted look in his friends almost lifeless green eyes. This wasn’t something Logan would ever completely come back from.

During the day, the campus is silent. But at night, the air is filled with sobs, and nightmare induced screams. And then the talks of closing the school… The whole world was falling apart, and it felt like it had fallen to Derek to fix everything. He had stepped up to fill in as prefect, made sure there was always fresh coffee in the pots, made sure all the Stuarts ate at least twice a day. But besides that, he had no idea what to do, or how to even go on. Sonic curled up near Derek, watching him with sad eyes. What could he even do with Sonic now that his daddy was dead?! Derek curled tighter around the pillow, wishing he could inhale some of his friend’s courage and strength, along with the lingering smell of coffee and cherry lollipops.





AN: …..I’m going to Gondola hell, aren’t I ….

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