I Promise

Title: I Promise

Characters: Derek Siegerson, Logan Wright, Sonic Larson

Summery: Logan has to be the one that takes care of Sonic. He HAS to. 

AN: Just… We all know this isn’t canon… It just lived in my brain for a week when it could have been… 


Derek softly closed the door to Sonic’s little house. As he had feared, the little hedgehog still hadn’t eaten. Derek sighed, and rubbed his temples. “What am I going to do?” he muttered, walking towards the door.

Just as he reached it, the door swung open and smacked Derek in the face. “Ahh! Oh fuck, OW!” Derek yelled, hands flying up in pain to his nose as Logan flew into the room.

"Where’s Sonic?" Logan demanded, on the edge of hysterics again.

Derek looked at his hands to check if his nose was bleeding. It wasn’t, even though it felt like it was. “What do you want with Sonic?” Derek asked the blond, rubbing his abused nose.

"I need him! I- I have to take care of Sonic!"

"It’s fine Lo, I’ve got it, he doesn’t even like you mu-" Derek said, before Logan interrupted angrily.

"No! I have to do it!" he stopped a moment, then continued softly. "I have to take care of Sonic. I couldn’t take care of Julian, so I have to take care of Sonic." Logan sank to his knees, muttering "I have to," over and over under his breath.

Derek felt his heart break just a bit more than it had already the past few days, and walked back over to Sonic’s little house in the corner and carefully pulled the sleepy hedgehog back out. Cradling Sonic carefully, Derek walked back over to Logan, kneeling next to his broken friend.

"Logan," Derek said softly to get his friends attention. Logan lifted his head from his hands, wiping at the new tear tracks. Derek moved his hands to show he was holding Sonic. "Here. But be careful!" Logan went to reach his hands out to grab him, before thinking better of it and just holding his hands out for Derek to place Sonic in them, which Derek did carefully and slowly. Derek waited for Sonic to curl up and scream again, and readied himself to save the hedgehog in case Logan freaked out. But for once, Sonic let Logan hold him.

Logan just sat there and stared at the little hedgehog, and Sonic stared back. Logan’s green eyes, which had seemed so dim and haunted lately, filled with tears. Derek moved softly to the door, and silently left.

Logan moved to cradle Sonic against his chest, and tears slipped down his cheeks again. “Don’t worry. Don’t worry  I’ll take care of you. I promise” Logan muttered to the hedgehog as another sob broke through his lips. “I promise.”


AN: …I’m not just going to Gondola hell.. I’m going to end up in George’s circle….

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